Recent News

Farkle Masters is now a dealer for LDComfort Riding Clothes. These under garments have proven invaluable during endurance rallies, long distance riding or even casual days in the saddle. I lived in a set during the 2009 Iron Butt Rally and just could not believe how well they worked during the entire rally. Even if you think your current set up works for you you owe it to yourself to see how much better it can be.

Farkle Masters just became a dealer for Doran Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems which have been getting great reviews from the Long Distance/Adventure Riding/Dual Sporting communities. There's nothing better than an early warning to premature tire failure.

We are proud to be the USA importer for Rain-Off over gloves. These 100% waterproof over gloves are available in either 1-3 or 2-2 finger configurations. 1-3 splits your fingers so your index finger is by itself and your middle, ring, and pinky are all together. The 2-2 had your index and middle grouped together while your ring and pinky fingers stay together.

Are you looking for a way to control the temperature of your heated vest, chaps, grips, or gloves? We now sell the designed in the USA, Heat-Troller products in all popular configurations, for great prices.
What?!?!?! You don't have heated gear yet? What are you waiting for? We stock a full line of Warm-N-Safe heated jacket liners. Check 'em out!

Ram Mounts are a great way to keep all of your gagets attached to you machine. We stock most popular versions of these great mounts, from Ipod's to GPS's, Ram mount has the mount for you!

Electrical connections ground blocks and power blocks are also in stock and ready to ship! Use these units to add extra power and ground outlets making the installation of all your current and future farkles safe, sanitary and easy.

We also stock Screamin' Meanies. A small, light weight, OH MY GOD THAT'S LOUD, alarm clock that is a recommended item for you Iron Butt Association rally entries.

We also offer Throttle Miester, Seat Beads, and Throttle Rocker/Crampbuster products.